Mont Blanc addition – Refuge du Gouter – Opening in 2013

Advent IM Architecture blog Refuge de Gouter

Refuge Du Gouter

A wonderful contribution from Frank Green of Advent IM.

 Refuge Du Gouter is due to welcome guests in spring 2013.

From the website –

“Highest refuge in France, perched at an altitude of 3 835m, the route most frequented by mountaineers from around the world to climb the roof of Europe, the Refuge Taste leave soon replaced by a new building innovative and green, with a capacity of 120 people.

“Think global, act local”, this is the motto of this project.
So locally, in partnership with the town of St Gervais and its territory, what removed almost all of the wood used in construction Taste of the Refuge, reducing again the carbon footprint of construction.
Moreover, this project aims to mobilize all forces, local actors territory. With this in mind, it should be noted that with the exception of lot sanitation (WC wet) attributed to Michel SARL Fraysse SP Maintenance in Marseille, all other batches were awarded to local businesses:

  • business and Sierra de Labat Sillingy (Haute Savoie) for lots “metal structure”, “wooden structure”, “stainless steel cladding” with a part of the subcontracting company CART, carpentry framing cord (Haute Savoie)
  • SARL Gaubicher in Megeve (Haute Savoie) for lots “heating, ventilation,” and “plumbing”
  • consortium craft High Savoy, St Peter Solaravis Faucigny, Elec Domancy Domancy, BDF Passy for lots “Electricity common strengths and weaknesses”

French Federation of Alpine Clubs and Mountain (FFCAM)
​​Vice-President in charge of Federal Built Heritage: Raymond Courtial ”   –

From  DecaLaage Architects

refuge de gouter 2


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