Forget Wizards, St Pancras is already magic and rescued by a knight!

Our MD, Mike Gillespie snapped some pics of the wonderful London St Pancras station earlier this month and we thought we would share them with you.

Immortalised (though it is named as Kings Cross) by the Harry Potter franchise of films, this Gothic, Victorian gem was rescued from demolition by a campaign in the 1960s,  a campaign led by Sir John Betjeman (clearly, he liked it more than Slough). This campaign halted the demolition application by the British Railways Board (well, a combination of Kings Cross and St Pancras was proposed, which would in effect have meant demotion for both). In 1967, St Pancras was given Grade 1 listing. 

A statue of the station’s champion and fan, Betjeman, now stands on the platform; arm aloft to hold on to his hat, Martin Jennings’ sculpture has ensured the link between the poet and this incredible station, will never be lost.


Mike Gillespie, “What have the Victorians ever done for us?! Imagine what it might have been replaced with had it been demolished. Seriously though, as with all architecture, its subjective and emotive of course. Look at the debate over brutalist architecture in recent years. The saving of this amazing structure and its subsequent listing makes me think…maybe sometimes we are too quick to dismiss the old in our rush to modernisation…and in so doing perhaps we are guilty of robbing our towns and cities of some of their souls and of denying future generations the benefit of these fantastic edifices. Its a beautiful fusion of old and new. “


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